Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads may be a newcomer in Ad space. But ignore it at your own peril. Before we dive into details of Facebook Ads, lets spend few minutes understanding the customer’s mindset.

Before a customer makes a buying decision they have to be comfortable in following 3 ways. Think of these on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the most negative sentiment and 10 being the most positive sentiment:

  1. They have to like your Brand
  2. They have to like your Product
  3. They have to like the platform from which they are buying your product

If and only if the customer is convinced of each of the above (10,10,10) will they buy your product.

So how does this monologue relate to your business? We help your new customers find you by making them aware of your brand. Facebook has 1.55 billion users daily (more than 20% of world’s population). We leverage Facebook’s reach to take your product to the most relevant customers and making sure that they are comfortable with your brand. 

Facebook Ads are visual and requires visually Powerful content. We will work with you to make sure that your visual content seamlessly fits in Facebook News Feeds.

Boost Facebook or Instagram Posts

You drafted an awesome post for your business and now you want to boost your post and take it to a focused audience. AWESOME!! We can help you with that.

  • We will help you boost 3 posts for a total cost of 49$.
  • Services include creating the campaign, identifying the audience and giving a 30 minute feedback session (per post) to help you craft your next post based on the engagement results.

Boost an Event

Boosting an event usually requires drafting visual content in various configurations for multitude of devices and platforms. Also, to make your event successful, it requires regular monitoring and tweaking based on the customer engagement:

  • Editing 6 pictures and 15 seconds video included
  • For 2 weeks of scheduled ads
  • Service costs $75 per event boost and includes a 30 minute review post the conclusion of the event. 

Get More Leads

Many-a-times, you want your customers to stay in touch by providing their personal info (Name, Email, Phone Number etc.). Facebook has stricter policy guidelines when collecting personnel info and we can help make sure that you are in adherence to Facebook privacy policies.
  • Editing 6 pictures and 15 seconds Video included
  • For 2 weeks of scheduled ads
  • Service costs $75 per camapign and includes a 30 minute review post the conclusion of the event. You will also receive a list of customers who provided their information


Please reach out to us at [email protected] for Ads that are long running (more than 2 weeks) and focused on building your brand image.